Email: The Mack-Daddy of Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich forms of digital marketing today. It’s potent, persuasive and puts you in directly front of your ideal target market.

There are many ways to reach your customers, but email marketing does much more than getting messages into inboxes.

  • You can use it to develop relationships with current customers, and/or to reach out to potential customers.
  • Properly targeted email campaigns allow businesses to keep their customers informed and engaged.
  • You can track customer behavior and use that info to customize your marketing messages according to their preferences.

You want to make sure that every advertising and marketing dollar is allocated wisely and gives you a return on your investment. Nothing provides a higher return on your dollar than tried & true email marketing.

Email marketing has its foundation in promoting products and services. Now, it can help you promote your brand and manage your customer relationships, as well.

All of the email campaigns below were customized to match each business’ brand identity, incorporating logos, fonts and color schemes for a well-integrated look-and-feel.

If you would like to learn about properly branding your business, you are not alone. That’s why this very topic is one of my frequently asked questions. Read What is “branding” and do I need it?.

Big Love for the Email Newsletters

Big Love for the Email Newsletters

Miriam Frost | Stellar Power Yoga

“What great newsletters – you are fantastic! The number of people that open my emails has doubled. I love that you add things to benefit members like Spring Cleaning to Declutter Your Mind – it meshes well with my self-care vibe and members appreciate it. Thank you for thinking outside of the box.”

Nate Haskell | Creative Producer, Lime Crane

“What great results we’ve had with your recent newsletter campaign! Reaching out to both long-dormant contacts and newly-made connections tripled the number of job requests we usually see each week!”

The thing about beautiful, informative email newsletters is that they take time to create.

Email marketing campaigns, with their calls to action and targeted audience lists take even more time to create. Plus, to get the most benefit from campaigns, you have to analyze the data you collect from tracking what your subscribers do with your emails. And then continally refine your approach in response to new data. Which, yes, takes still more time.

Do you have the time to learn how to do these tasks, and then consistently do them? If so, here’s some great starting tips on how to create fantastic newsletters.

If not, I can help. Outsource your email marketing to me, and keep your productivity focused on running your business.

Pricing for Email Marketing

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