End of Workday Routine

Apr 17, 2020 | Work + Life

I’m starting a new end of workday routine. They say it takes just 5 minutes and will help me transition from work mode to home mode. Which has been a challenge with everybody here 24/7.

It’s so tempting to just stay on my laptop… I’ve worked from home for years, so for me this is not about the coronavirus. Trying to build a business out of thin air takes effort, focus, gumption, drive, perseverance and research. Oodles and oodles of learning new things. I’ve worked far into the night on too many occasions. “Once I have 5 new clients, I’ll chill out” or “After I’m making steady money, I’ll take a break.” Too often, my kids have had takeout or delivery or another blue box of noxious mac & cheese because I’ve been CONSUMED with work.

It takes a toll. Even though my heart is in the right place and my actions are well-intentioned, there’s still a woeful lack of work/life balance. And both the work and the life suffer for it.

So I will close my laptop. I will shut it down and let it be the end of work time. I will let tomorrow morning be lazy and have no purpose. I will revel in 14 luxurious hours of not moving the needle.

Welcome, weekend, my old friend.

Here’s the 5-Step End of Workday Routine

  • De-clutter my desk
  • Review emails and texts
  • Move completed tasks to the “done” list
  • Set my top 3 priorities for tomorrow
  • Set my evening intention

I found this welcome nudge to rebalance the work-life situation on Forge. Read the post here.