Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Email Marketing? Yep, Still Relevant

Everyone checks their email, every day. Multiple times per day. Don’t you? People are accustomed to using email for business transactions, as opposed to social media.

Think about it. Most people don’t send their work colleagues Facebook messages – they send emails. When Amazon ships a product, they send an email.

The marketing sector has noticed a recent trend: People, tired of having so little control over their Facebook feeds, are pulling back from that platform. When that happens, you lose the opportunity to connect with then via Facebook.

Not so with email. Most people use the same email address for a l-o-n-g time. And they check that email how often? Every day.

Your emails should provide value to your audience. If every message you send says “buy this, hire me” people will quickly tire of them and hit the unsubscribe button. Only one out of every three or four emails you send should be focused on making a sale. The rest of them – the *majority* of them – should be helpful and entertaining.

A realtor could send a reminder to winterize your home or a referral to the best local gardeners. A fitness studio could send strategies for navigating a party buffet table, and a photographer could send tips on capturing great dinner party photos will your cell phone. This type of marketing is great because it doesn’t cost your customer anything, and gives them info on a topic you already know they care about.

This strategy will keep you at the top of their mind when they do need to hire your services or buy your product.

You Send the Message, They See the Message

Social media filters posts and people need to put effort into visiting your blog, so your subscribers will not always see new posts you make on those platforms.

But every email you send will appear in front of your subscribers. All they need to do is open it. You stay top-of-mind, which gives you more opportunities to make sales.

Great content and compelling subject lines enhance the chance your email will be opened. I can help with that.

Targeted Marketing

Email marketing done correctly allows you to target your customers. They reveal their preferences by the kinds of emails they open and the kinds of links they click on. With this data, you can send future emails that are tailored towards their wants and needs.

Let’s Not Forget the Money

Sending an email marketing campaing is free (at least until you get more than 2,000 subscribers, and that’s a very nice problem to have).

Think about it: you send out a campaign for a membership drive at your yoga studio, or a home financing strategy to your house hunters. You get a new member or a home sale and you have made hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars. And that email marketing campaign cost? Zero.

You can’t afford to miss out on this.

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