How the Process Works

My design & development process flows through six simple steps. We begin with a conversation over a laptop, a whiteboard and a big cup of coffee. You end up with a website that brings in potential customers, educates them about your service, prominently displays your value and positions you as an expert in your field.

Instead of hiring a designer to create the look & feel of your website, and then handing it off to a developer to build, I will  design and develop. I will build a prototype of your website. A prototype differs from a mock-up in that it’s a working draft that you will be able to navigate, creating a much more satifying road test for you. And there will be no chance of falling in love with pretty-looking functionality that can’t actually be built at your price point.

Step 1

Strategy & Planning


We define what your business goals are. We discuss needs and expectations. I will discover your business and design preferences. We will detail what is included in your website design and, just as importantly, what is not. 

Step 2

Website Content


If you already have a logo, text content and photos for your site, we'll use those. If not, I will create a logo for you, find on-brand images/video and write some text copy for your site.

Step 3

Design Prototype


Combining your text, images, branding and design preferences, I will build a prototype of your website. A prototype differs from a mock-up in that this will be a working draft that can be navigated

Step 4



Once your website prototype is ready, we’ll go through it together page by page. You'll be able to make several rounds of revisions, as we finalize the design (how it looks), message (what it says) and navigation (how it flows).

Step 5



Time to celebrate your new website! On launch day your website will be made public and will start being indexed by the major search engines. I’ll be available for tweaks to content after launch. The main goal is that you are happy with your new website.

Step 6



Keeping  your website updated and protected is crucial to the growth of your business.  I recommend a monthly support plan. If you want to do it yourself, I will give you a behind the scenes tour to familiarize you with how everything works.

Are you ready? Let’s get started right now.